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CODAPPS Local Ambassador Network

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Who can be a local ambassador?

-> People who energize their city around CODAPPS

Learning is even easier with the help from neighbors!
Local ambassadors are individuals who organize simple meetups for participants of CODAPPS in their city.
As easy to organize as choosing a coffee shop and a time to meet! These meetups will provide a place for CODAPPS participants to show off their apps and ask for help and feedback, in a convivial environment.

What does an ambassador do?

Meetups are the go-to points for local participants in the MOOC. No pressure, a meetup can simply be a call to meet in a café in the city center at a given time, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis! Exchanging tips and feedback on the sessions of the MOOC is a tremendous boost to the motivation of all presents.
The MOOC is filmed in English to reach a wider audience. But contributions in all languages would be awesome! For each session, ambassadors will be invited to film their remarks and experience about the MOOC and we will share them online. A smartphone with a camera is all you need, be prepared to share your videos!
Local ambassadors will be encouraged to tweet about their activities on Twitter and Facebook! Let the entrepreneurs and students of your city know about CODAPPS!

How is an ambassador empowered?

-> We give you all the help you need!

If you choose to become a CODAPPS Local Ambassador, we will provide you with a toolkit full of material to help you accomplish your mission. A code giving you early access to the videos of the MOOC, tips to set up and manage a meetup, and plenty of swag to reward you for your helpful role in the community!